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About Us

Whether this is your first encounter with EliteJewels.com or you are a returning patron than we wish to cordially welcome you to our site. We at EliteJewels.com understand how important it is to develop an open dialogue and trust with our consumers; therefore, we have set out to create an informative outlet for you, our valued customers to antiquate yourselves with us.

Who We Are

EliteJewels.com is a unique and inspirational full service online Jeweller. Our history, much like our organization is built upon a foundation of superior design excellence, stringent quality control, and an ethical obligation to always represent our consumers best interests with the respect and dignity they deserve regardless of their monetary investment. Our grass roots beginnings have developed into a global initiative to rid the stigma of over priced goods sold by unknowledgeable, commission based retailers. Our business model is one of vertical integration. Not only do we provide the highest quality precious metal, gemstones and diamonds, we also manufacture the vast majority of our offerings. With this multi faceted means of operation our customers have access to products at manufactures prices without the traditional markups associated by the retail supply chain. As an added benefit, led by thirty years of manufacturing experience, our dedication to true quality control ensures that every product we produce or procure is held to a battery of exhausting tests to affirm its authentication, durability and craftsmanship. Having an exponential reach in global markets has afforded EliteJewels.com a wealth of learning experience in matters of consumer wants and needs, coupled with that our unending pursuit to make every consumer a satisfied consumer we are solely interested in developing long term relationships with our current and future customers. We take great pride in knowing our products and services have been the choice of so many, from marriage proposals to anniversaries, EliteJewels.com wishes to fulfill your Fine Jewellery needs.

What benefit do I receive from EliteJewels.com?

When we first deliberated on establishing an Internet presence we defined several key constraints, which hampered todays technically savvy consumers. Our findings led us to develop a safe haven, where consumers in search of reliable and factual information could make an informed buying decision. We at EliteJewels.com believe first and foremost that education is the key requirement when making any jewellery purchase. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice, our expert customer service staff is always on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our focus is to provide the latest advancements in jewellery trends, materials and educational resources while delivering innovative designs at incomparable prices. As direct manufactures, our distinct advantage lye's in our ability to work with our staff of designers, artisans and skilled employees to create one of a kind jewellery pieces in singular or large volumes thereby eliminating the customizing cost burden to our customers. Lastly, our ability to deliver high quality diamonds for significantly reduced prices is accomplished through our immense sales volumes and extensive network of diamond distributors which traditional retailers haven't access too. When you purchase your loose or set diamonds from EliteJewels.com you ensure receiving the diamond she deserves at the price you deserve.

What makes us so different from every one else?

Simply put; EliteJewels.com eliminates the need for a middleman. Our commitment to reducing transference costs is vital to your satisfaction, while other sites simply adjust their pricing policies to incorporate the distributors margins as well as their own. Our organization is streamlined and efficient, with little reliance on outside procurement to fulfill our client's requests we're enabled to regulate all forms of variable costs and pass on these savings to you.

Our customer service staff is highly trained and motivated to attend to your every inquiry. We believe in individualized personal service and are prepared to stand behind this statement with every interaction we engage in. If something is not to your liking, than we won't stop until your completely satisfied. Our full line of services is also of great value, services such as: appraisals on all of our creations with precious metals, gemstones and diamonds, gift wrapping of your purchases, an individualized personal gift finder and even a section to custom design your own engagement ring. 

Where we call home.

Today, the ever present collapsing of trading barriers once known due to political and language barriers now forms the global village we all occupy. Geographic considerations and monetary influences are found on all points of the globe; however, we all lay claim to some terra firma and here at EliteJewels.com we're proud to reside and operate in the country of Canada. The splendor of our majestic landscape affords Canadians a bounty of natural resources and an infrastructure with which we can harvest these blessings. Our northern most borders known as the North West Territories have now come to bear the fruits of ice ages of settlement and fossilization, producing diamonds of splendid beauty. While active surveying has been occurring for more than a decade, it is only within the last five years that a substantial effort has returned the first signs of profitable mine cultivation. Our democratic society and vital trade treaties allow us to operate free of customs tariffs to the United States and Mexico implicitly through NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) to name but a few. Coupled with tariffless trade, our Canadian Dollar is readily available through currency exchanges and banking institutions. Fortunately, for our International clients, our dollar is more often than not affordably priced to lessen currency fluctuations between our consumers in opposing corners of the world. As a true multi-cultural mecca, we're delighted to welcome the diversity of different cultures, creeds, and their customs. As ambassadors to your respective countries, we encourage you to contact us and inform EliteJewels.com about any information, products or services you feel are necessary to enhance your shopping experience with us.

What about our prices?

EliteJewels.com is committed to offering a vast selection of Fine Jewellery goods at manufactures direct prices. Our ability to work within several pricing parameters has distinctive competitive advantages for our consumers, but we actively encourage all of our potential customers to find a better value on exacting merchandise. If you should find such a representation that can be substantiated, we will match the offer and better it by 2%.

What if I want to return my purchase, can I get my money back?

Well of course you can. EliteJewels.com will gladly accept your return with no hassles or questions asked. Upon receipt of your purchase, if you're not satisfied you may return your purchase up to 30 days from the date of purchase for a full refund or exchange. Please review our policies section for complete details.

How do we make the buying process easier?

When buy any jewellery item, its important to note that an informed consumer is less likely to be unsatisfied as compared to a misinformed consumer. This is why we have developed our Learning Lounge area. Here you will find important facts pertaining to diamonds, pearls, semi and precious gemstones as well precious metals, their care, your personal considerations when buying these products and a variety of other useful information. We invite you to use our resources from the privacy and comfort of your home where there are no hard sell tactics or limited time constraints to keep you from getting your questions answered. Aside from the learning lounge we have also provided a variety of tools to help make your purchase smooth and efficient. Our Design Your Own tool will help you create and visualize various ring designs and then purchase your creation. Try our Advanced Search if you know exactly what you want, or use our Personal Request to have one of our Diamond Advisors find your diamond for you. Lastly, our Personal Planner function will allow you to input valuable dates or occasions, which require the luster of jewellery, and we will automatically notify you through e-mail. EliteJewels.com is jammed packed full of cutting edge time savers, so go ahead, and explore all we have to offer. 

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